Aerial Video

Aerial Video is increasingly popular in demand.  Until just recently Aerial video was only possible for large budget productions upwards of $50,000 dollars. With the advance in aerial video technology those costs are a thing of the past. At Apple Box Creative we proudly offer a wide service of Aerial Video Solutions to meet your need.



If you need a professional aerial shoot then the DJI S800 EVO is a top of the line Aerial Video hexacopter.  This larger rig has the ability to fly an HD DSLR camera that rotates 360 degrees independent of the copter. This is the copter of choice for medium to large budget jobs. Perfect for jobs where you need to up the production value and video quality from the Go Pro. Capable of shooting regular and slow motion frame rates.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is still a leader in small budget aerial videos. Utilizing the Zenmuse gimbal and Go Pro Hero 3 + you’re able to get incredible aerial footage at regular and slow motion frame rates. One of the great things about the Phantom is the ability to sneak into tight locations where larger aerial rigs cannot go. This is a great option for interiors, small landscapes, and real estate photography. But this copter is not only for small jobs. With it’s long range fpv system this copter is capable of flying over a kilometer away to get those breathtaking views of coastlines, city scapes and dramatic action sports angles that used to be impossible on small budgets.

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