Motion Graphics Videos

A video can be defined as a motion graphic anytime the graphics and illustrated content are animated.  This style of video content is very popular to explain a product, service, or company in a creative eye catching way.  We personally love motion graphics videos at Apple Box Media because they allow us the freedom to create anything we can imagine, the possibilities are limitless.  There are many applications for using motion graphics videos. The above example is a fully animated 30 second broadcast spot. Below are several other ways you might not have thought about using motion graphics.

Logo Bump

A logo bump is a short animation of a logo usually seen at the beginning of a video. These short animated pieces are great for branding a company and once created easy to tag at the beginning and end of your content.  Some famous examples of these short animations are at the beginning or end virtually every feature film and tv show. MGM, Paramount, Bad Robot, etc.

Doughnut Spots

Not referring to the pastry many of us love to eat. A “doughnut spot” is a common term in the broadcast industry referring to the hole in a doughnut.  A doughnut spot or commercial has a hole or empty section in the middle.   This empty section can be filled with new content leaving the outside or beginning and end the same.  Using a doughnut spot is a great way to create fresh content regularly while still maintaining branding for your product, service, or company.


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