Ace Asphalt Motion Graphics Video

This was a super fun motion graphic spot for ACE Asphalt in Arizona.

Director: Tim Rayl
Illustrator: Matt Briner
Script: Amber Galusha
Animator/Editor: Chris Vanderschaaf
Audio Mastering: Matt Smith


First impressions last forever. Your customer forms an opinion about your business long before they reach your front door. Does your parking lot say ‘stay away’ … or ‘welcome, we’re glad you came’?

When your parking lot is clean, in good repair and well marked your customers feel safe and comfortable. Ace’s team of skilled professionals offers solutions to your asphalt problems, big or small, and we keep downtime to a minimum.

If your asphalt needs sealing, we use proven products to slow the deterioration process, which protects the integrity and appearance of your pavement for years to come. When cracks need repairing, our cost-effective crack filling service will prevent minor issues from becoming severe structural issues, which saves you time and money. If potholes or large distressed areas become an issue, we offer a full range of repair solutions including saw cutting, milling and wedging, trench repair and skin patching …

Whatever your asphalt needs, we’ll be in and out before you know it, leaving behind a lasting positive impression with you and your customers.

We feel the same way …
The trusted name in asphalt since 1966, Ace is equipped, experienced, and willing to respond. Ace … We’re on it. Request a free quote today.