Mt Shasta Mall Motion Graphic

This Mt Shasta Mall motion graphic commercial was created for the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding California to be broadcast on NBC, FOX, CBS, and Charter affiliates.

The concept of this annual advertising campaign is to create visually stimulating doughnut style advertisements to attract people to the mall for monthly specials. The doughnut format allows us to drop new content into the middle (or doughnut hole) of the spot monthly without having to create an entirely new ad every time. This is a very popular broadcast technique to cut cost while keeping content fresh.

Edit & Animation: Chris Vanderschaaf Р
Illustrations: Matt Briner –
Script: Kallie Markle –

It’s time for some style, and the Mt. Shasta Mall has it all. Whether it’s for your home, your wardrobe, a thank you gift, or your wardrobe.

Grab a friend or three and discover what’s new at the Mt. Shasta Mall.¬†With over 80 stores and services it’s easy to get everything you need, and maybe a few things you want.

Spend a hundred dollars or more and receive a free floral bouquet. A twenty four ninety five value february thirteenth and fourteenth at center court.

Mt Shasta Mall has what you’re looking for on trend and under budget. So come see what’s possible when you shop stylishly.