TV Commercials

Most people know of two different types of television commercials. The usually terrible looking local tv channel commercials that are given away for free as incentive to sign an advertising package. Or the ultra high budget super bowl type commercials. A common misconception is that you have to choose between those two options. ¬†In fact there’s a lot of levels of production for all budget sizes. The above example is a testimonial commercial. Testimonial ads are a great way to communicate the effectiveness of a service, or product directly from the mouth of people in your community. See some more examples below.

Animated Commercials

Animated commercials or “Motion Graphics” are incredibly popular these days and becoming a great way to make your commercial stand out amongst the crowd. These spots come in various lengths and levels of complexity.
Logo Bumps are another short way to brand your products with motion graphics.


Demo Commercials

A demo commercial is an ad that demonstrates a product or service. ¬†While commonly associated with DIY videos, they don’t have to be that straight forward and can demonstrate a company, service, or product in an aspirational way. For example this Team Quest Commercial is demonstrating Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts in an aspirational way. By showing real Team Quest members training, prospective clients interested in similar training become motivated to contact Team Quest on their website.


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